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Bootstrap Isn’t Dead: How Bootstrap Ninja’s “Flavours” Give New Life Into This Old Gem

Ninja Bootstrap Team

May 21, 2024

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For over a decade, Bootstrap has been the go-to framework for web developers seeking a reliable, responsive, and efficient way to build websites and web applications. Despite the rise of numerous modern frameworks, Bootstrap continues to be relevant and widely used. Since one of the major criticisms Bootstrap gets from other frameworks’ lovers is: “All Bootstrap websites looks the same“; we created Bootstrap Ninja’s “Flavours” to add a fresh layer of customization, making any flavour unique.


Bootstrap Ninja’s “Flavours”

What are “Flavours”?

“Flavours” is a new feature introduced by Bootstrap Ninja, aimed at revitalizing Bootstrap’s customization capabilities. This feature will allow developers to easily customize colors, fonts, and other design elements, giving them more control over the look and feel of their projects. We started with colors since it’s one of the most “impactful” factors on a website.

Customizing Colors

The first feature of “Flavours” is the ability to tailor colors to match specific brand identities or design preferences. If you, like me, lack creativity we added an AI to help you generate palettes. Developers can now:

  • Choose from a palette of predefined color schemes or create their own.
  • Apply custom styles without diving deep into CSS, thanks to an intuitive interface.
  • Save the flavours to then retrieve them and also get the SCSS variables to add it to your current web project.

Future Implementations

We plan to expand the customization options even further. Future updates may include:

  • Pair fonts from a wide selection, ensuring typography aligns with the project’s aesthetic.
  • Advanced layout configurations for more complex grid systems.
  • Component styling options that allow deeper integration with existing designs.
  • Animation and interaction enhancements to bring more dynamism to web projects.
  • Borders and Buttons customizations.

While modern frameworks offer innovative features, new pipelines, and sometimes a more complex way to do simple things, Bootstrap’s ease of use remains unmatched. Its component-based structure and comprehensive documentation make it accessible to both beginners and experienced developers. Plus NinjaBootstrap fill the gap with Tailwind implementing some crucial utility classes that you may need. All of this plus the robust customization tool we are providing here allows you to have all that you need without learn a whole new CSS framework.

Bootstrap is far from dead. With the introduction of Bootstrap Ninja’s “Flavours,” it continues to evolve and adapt to modern web development needs. The enhanced customization options make it more flexible and versatile, ensuring it remains a viable choice for developers. While modern frameworks offer unique features and approaches, Bootstrap’s simplicity, robust community, and continuous improvements keep it at the forefront of web development. Embrace the new “Flavours” and rediscover the power and potential of Bootstrap in your next project.